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We recognize the significance of offering equal opportunities for all users to access information and knowledge. To achieve this goal, we have implemented measures to ensure that our library is inclusive and accommodating for individuals with disabilities. Physical Accessibility: To enhance physical accessibility, we have made necessary adjustments to our facilities. We have provided a smart desk with motorized adjustable height for individuals who use wheelchairs or have mobility limitations. The smart desk offers a larger surface area to ensure comfort and ease of movement for users when utilizing eVIEW. We are committed to eliminating invisible barriers and ensuring that people with disabilities can easily access our services. Assistive Technologies: Additionally, we have incorporated assistive technologies and equipment to cater to the diverse needs of both individuals with disabilities and those without. Our library is equipped with tools such as screen readers, magnifiers, and assistive software to assist individuals with visual impairments or other print disabilities. These technologies are readily available for use, and our staff members are trained to provide guidance and support in utilizing these resources effectively. Services Provided: We offer a range of services to cater to different needs, including: • Low vision: We provide support for individuals who are blind, partially blind, or have severe nearsightedness. • Physical disabilities: Our services accommodate individuals with physical disabilities. • Text-to-Speech: We offer text-to-speech functionality to assist users in accessing textual content. • Document Viewer/Document Scanner: We provide access to document viewing and scanning capabilities and save the file for later use. • Streaming: Our platform supports streaming services for various types of content. • PdPc: We offer opportunity to use Eview as PdPc tool. By implementing these measures and services, we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can benefit from the resources and services provided by our library. For more information about how UiTM can assist person with disabilities (OKU), please visit